CCTV System

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. Video surveillance is an important element of management and security control. New advancements in the security camera and Digital Video Recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss- prevention solutions available.

CCTV security systems are reliable, efficient and simple to use. CCTV can be used to monitor virtually anything including town centers, transport system, commercial, industrial and domestic premises, visitors to buildings and access controlled points. The CCTV images can be recorded on DVR and can be viewed locally or remotely via PC.
At Limra, we supply and install CCTV Systems consisting of cameras, recorders, and monitors.

We supply and install CCTV systems which include security cameras, recorders, and monitors based on your premises and industry requirements.

Our Products and Solutions Include

We offer a wide range of IP CCTV systems comprising of many different types of cameras and NVR’s. IP CCTV offers better picture quality than Analogue cameras along with more flexibility, better performance, and better value.

We offer a wide range of HD Analogue CCTV systems comprising of many different types of cameras and DVR’s. One of the main advantages of HD CCTV over standard analogue CCTV is the crystal clear picture quality. As a system integrator, Limra provides following system equipment and services:

Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Cameras
Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are very versatile. PTZ cameras can pan (move left and right), tilt (move up and down), and zoom in or out. Additionally, PTZ cameras can rotate 360 degrees to view an object directly below them. Indoor and outdoor options are available.

BOX Cameras
Box cameras are comprised of the camera body, lens and power supply. For indoor use, a mount bracket is required for installation. For outdoor use, a housing is required. Lenses are purchased separately offering greater flexibility.

Dome Cameras:: Dome cameras are designed to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look to a CCTV camera when installed in hotels and retail outlets. These cameras are usually used when discreet applications are needed. They can be vandal resistant, and indoor and outdoor options are available. These cameras can be used in residential applications as well as public places such as convenience stores, offices and lobbies. Though they can be mounted to a wall, they are usually mounted on ceiling.
Bullet Camera: Bullet cameras are stylish with a bullet like shape. Bullet cameras are small and are limited to affixed focal length lens. Their size, cost and integrated design make them a great choice for home and outdoor applications.

IR TECHNOLOGY :Infrared Technology (IR) refers to the cameras ability to capture images in total darkness. Infrared cameras are sometimes referred as IR cameras or “Night Vision Security Cameras”. Infrared cameras have IR LEDs positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera its “night vision”. Infrared cameras can capture acceptable video in total darkness and even in better quality video in low light. Even a small amount of ambient light helps overall night vision capability of IR cameras. IR cameras are available in dome and bullet styles.


FIXED LENS: Fixed lenses are the simplest type of Lens, and therefore the cheapest. The presets focal length means a precise calculation is required to select the Lens most suitable for the location, based on the desired size of viewing area and its distance from the Camera. Fixed lenses are non-adjustable in nature.

VARIFOCAL LENS Varifocal lenses are adjustable in nature and are more expensive but are ideal in places where the focal point may change or vary. Zoom Lens are the most complex type, offering the greatest functionality once installed. Zoom lenses offer the widest choice of associated features and technologies. These lenses can be remotely adjusted to allow variation of the focal length.

The HADC-1005PI cameras are cost effective surveillance Solutions suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, commercial sites, retail stores, warehouses, banks and so on.

  • 720P real time high resolution
  • CMOS progressive scan
  • True Day/Night Capability
  • Minimum illumination: 0 Lux (IR on)
  • 3.6mm Fixed Lens
  • IR distance: Upto 20 meters
  • Power:12VDC
  • Vandal resistant

CADC600PIV: 600TVL High-Resolution Vandalproof IR Varifocal Dome Camera  A high resolution with 600TVL with outstanding image sharpness, 2.8 – 10mm vari-focal lens, up to
15m IR visible range, anti-flare double glass and intelligent IR, the CADC600PIV-V is most suitable
for night time and dim environment surveillance.