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Maintainance / AMCAMC

Scope of work

The company shall service all the parts which are defective or remedy the error in the System (Equipment) as well as provide onsite services by skilled manpower for carrying out corrective maintenance of the said System (Equipment) during the period of this Agreement and shall render all such services as are necessary for upkeep & maintenance of the said systems. The company shall also provide the following:

a) Maintaining the said Equipment in good working order.

b) Unscheduled, on-call corrective, and remedial maintenance.

Qualified and trained personnel shall carry out the maintenance services. However, the company may carry out maintenance service under this Agreement by engaging its authorized Support Partners.

If the said System (Equipment) is damaged, or malfunctions, or deviates from the Specifications, then in such event the company shall, if required by, carry out repairs and replacements as may be necessary at costs specified for the spares and no labour charges will be levied. Such work shall be carried out only after mutually agreeing and obtaining approval in writing from the client.

Routine Preventive Maintenance

The Company shall arrange for preventive maintenance once every four months. During these visits, the preventive maintenance for various systems as mentioned above shall be undertaken. A preventive maintenance check shall be recorded as per the company’s format.

Breakdown Maintenance calls

In addition to the above preventive maintenance, the company shall be responsible for attending breakdown/emergency calls on top priority as and when it occurs and reported by the client.

Description Of Services

  •  Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • PA System
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV system with VMS software (if any)
  • WLD System
  • Rodent Repellent System
  • Gas Suppression System
  • VESDA System
  • Sprinklers and Fire Fighting
  • BMS ( Building Management System)
  • Light Management System
  • Emergency Signage
  • Fire fighting
  • Electrical
  • Fire Curtain

Apart from that Intrusion Alarm System, Turnstile/ Boom harriers, Visitor Management System, etc.

Also, in some scenarios, if there are any specific requirements from the client end or any new service we check with the OEM and train our engineers accordingly.

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