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About Us

The Company “Limra Fire & Security”started business services in 2013 as Low Voltage contracting company . Later the company expanding into EPC electrical contracting business . This division play a pivotal role in the project execution of the other service division. The initial goal of our company is to provide all the solutions for electrical services including internal & external electrification covering the distribution, Low voltage system, HT & LT works, Panels & Transformers. Our highly professional team of engineers, designers, supervisors, technicians etc., have a deep understanding of the EPC industry and advance technology to help the client/customer with their project needs.

We are one of the developing and distinguished EPC company value the commitment made to the client/Customer for delivering & fulfillment the assigned project/ work with the given time frame with high standard quality job. We believe in maintaining a professional relationship between our organization and customer /client. From applied engineering, in house drawings/designing and excellent project management, Operation & Maintenance, Planning & Commissioning, the company is capable of managing projects of any scale professionally.

Health & Safety

We at LIMRA recognize that high standards of health, safety and environmental protection are integral for the growth of the organization and its people we are committed to providing a safe & healthy workplace for all employees and preventing and untoward incidents/accidents, injury and ill health of any employees, contractors and other relevant stake holders. We also aim to take adequate measures to protects the environment and prevent environmental pollution. Safety training & use of PPE is mandatory in projects site.


LIMRA believes that quality is an intrinsic element of our organizations. We aim to exceed our customer / client expectations without compromising on compliance and the quality of our products and services.

EPC Contracting Business

  • Urban & Rural Rectification
  • Transmission Lines upto 66 KV
  • Switchyard Yards  upto 66 KV
  • Industrial High Side & Low Side Works
  • Internal Electrical Works
  • Electrical Substations
  • Genets Power & Mechanical Works
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • CCTV & Security Systems
  • Public Address System
  • Rooftop Solar
  • Land Base Solar
  • LV System

We have expanded Limra Group Pvt Ltd into Electrical contracting business (EPC Contracting Business), which is a highly sensitive business which requires a good amount of technical knowledge, expertise and specialized
potential manpower.

Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team, we have been successful in bringing Limra to a new milestone of recognition. Our main focus of this upcoming business shall be “Customer Satisfaction”. We are confident that the company will be recognized as EPC business company globally and continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to
come with support of our team members.

Integrity: We always strive to practice the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness, reliability and fairness in every aspects of our work and in all our business relationship.
Teamwork: We respect the ideas and opinions of others and share knowledge and support each other in company’s goal to achieve excellence.
Honesty: We will be truthful, accurate and forthcoming in our dealings with fellow employees, customers, clients vendors and suppliers, agencies in general public.
Excellences: We will make our effort to ensure that our workmanship, construction practices and services are the best in marketplace through continuous improvements in quality, safety, innovation and reliability standards.
Corporate citizenship: We will be good corporate citizens by making social responsibility, accountability and respect for the law, economy environment and society and integral part of our business activities and relationship while creating value of our clients and communities in
which we work.