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Limra Prime

Who We Are?Are?

LIMRAPRIME BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a professional provider of IT staffing solutions and IT consulting services operating out of its head office in New Delhi, India. An innovator in the field of all IT projects with implementing solutions that are time-efficient and cost-effective while achieving its goal to reduce and overcome IT staffing and consulting challenges faced by an organization.

Our company offers comprehensive IT staffing and service solutions for start-up and established firms requiring an expansion in business due to rapid growth and expansion. Having a well-versed and experienced team, we believe that we can provide the full set of solutions required by our clients all throughout the areas with our local PAN India presence. We have our extended footprint in GCC and North Africa, in joint venture with KBC Technologies.

LIMRAPRIME BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is an official fully-owned subsidiary of Limra Fire & Security Pvt Ltd. who has been well-known in the market for more than two decades in the field of providing fire safety and security services. Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is ISO & OHSAS Certified


“To excel in providing creative and innovative human capital solutions”

To become one of the highly networked and preferred Talent Acquisition Consultants to all our clients and to be one of the most preferred career counselling store and employer.


Nothing like a mission to excite and unite people in a common Goal.

We want to be world’s best at helping employers achieve prosperity in business through best chosen talent. To create substantial client satisfaction by developing a successful customer service oriented relationship by ensuring the best services at all the time. At each step of the relationship with our clients and candidates, we deliver value, advice and advocate our clients.

Five Core  PrinciplesPrinciples

  • Integrity : We clinch or upholding the highest standards of personal as well as professional ethics carried by honesty and trust.
  • Collaboration : Believe in term ‘WE’ as a team work and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and innovation.
  • Excellence : To constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of goods and services we provide.
  • Empowerment : We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels.
  • Responsibility : We are responsible to fulfil our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.

Lime Prime VerticalsVerticals


Oil & Gas

Banking Services

Insurance Services


IT Systems










Real Estate

Summary of Limra PrimeLimra Prime

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides multiple flexible options tailored to the client requirements:

  • IT Contract Staffing Services on a Time & Material Basis
  • IT Contract Staffing on a Fixed Cost Model Basis

These options help you scale your workforce faster in a cost-effective way whilst still hiring top IT talent to complete your projects.

  • Limraprime Business Solutions Ltd. uses the latest ATS Software to keep track of its Consultants.

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides flexible, efficient, and cost saving payroll processing services which are all in compliance with local labor and tax laws. Our Services extend to:

  • Accurate monthly Payroll Processing Services
  • Employee Payroll Services [Pay slips / Reimbursements / Management of Benefits]
  • Statutory Compliance Management adhering to the country of employment labor and tax laws [experienced in all aspects of labor and tax law].
  • Account Management Services with Payroll & Compliance Reporting provided to the client to ensure full customer
  • Data Security Management Services by ensuring that all employee data is fully secure with full back up
  • Call Center Payroll Compliance hotline provided to address all employee queries

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides clients with the set-up of an Offshore Development Center to manage all IT & Support Services. They can either be deployed on premise or in one of our many facilities available through the Middle East and India.

  • Offshore IT Desk Support Services
  • Offshore Security Operation Centres [SOC]
  • Offshore Software Development
  • Offshore Telemarking and Inbound Customer Service
  • Seamless Integrated Support for your organization
  • Meets the Service Level Requirements of your Internal Staff and Business Customers
  • Can be deployed on premise or in one of our many facilities available through the Middle East and India
  • Flexible and rapidly scalable solutions

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assist clients with Hardware, Servers, Networking, Data Storage, Physical & Virtual facilities, Software, processes, policies, staff training, mobile and virtual functionality and cloud-based Management Services. We deploy the team with the technical skill and competencies that meet the project requirements:

  • End User Support Services
  • Hardware Support Services
  • Network Services

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Project Managers and SOC Consultants can assist clients on a variety of projects to eliminate cyber attacks and data theft. Cyber Security Project examples:

  • Experience in the establishment of Security Operation Centres [SOC] for monitoring and administration of your organization’s networks and devices.
  • On premise management
  • Implementation Services
  • Privileged Access Management Project Services [PAM]
  • Detection & Response Project Services Security Rating Services
  • Container Security Services
  • Cloud Security Posture Management [CSPM]
  • Implementation Services
  • We implement a team-based The diverse skill set of our experienced Project Managers and ERP Consultants in cloud / on premise application, technology, architecture process and change management will ensure the success of your ERP implementation.
  • Configuration and Upgrade Services
  • AI & IoT enhancements are continuously added to ERP Systems. Our team of Techno / Functional Consultants are on hand to ensure a successful ERP upgrade with minimal disruption and
  • Administrative & Support Services
  • We provide desk support & Admin Services on premise as well as Offshore Solutions depending on the client requirement ensuring that your ERP system runs optimally at all

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Project Managers Consultants have the technical and International Cultural exposure to work on a variety of Digital Transformation Project Types all with the aim to drive operational and cost efficiencies within your organization:

  • Business Process Digital Transformation Project Services
  • Business Model Digital Transformation Project Services
  • Domain Digital Transformation Project Services
  • Cultural Organizational Digital Transformation Project Services

Limraprime Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been providing for the past decade skilled, qualified IT Professionals to clients in the GCC, North Africa & India Regions. Limraprime is well versed in the challenges of recruiting reliable experienced IT Manpower across all sectors.

  • Access to a large exclusive database of quality vetted IT Profiles
  • Seasoned recruiters and Account Managers with 10+ years experience
  • Global Recruitment & Headhunting Expertise
  • Technical Expertise across many verticals
  • Relationship building and Candidate Engagement
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Training & Development skills
  • Local Labor Law Expertise

Why Work with Limra GroupLimra Group

Industry Knowledge

Access to a large network of experienced IT Consultants with industry knowledge and project experience.

Flexible / Customized Solutions

Our Solutions and Services are flexible and adaptable to suit the individual client needs and circumstances. The multiple options available accommodate all budget and timeline constraints.

Access to Highly Skilled Personnel

We deploy the most experienced IT Resources with the right Certification, Knowledge and Project Experience to ensure that all our Client Project Deliverables are met on time and in budget.

Scalable Solutions

Ability to scale project solutions rapidly and efficiently to manage increased scope demands and finish projects earlier. We work closely with our clients continuously reviewing and monitoring project progress.

Project Cost Savings

KBC Technologies Project Managers ensure that the project deliverables are successfully achieved on time and in budget whilst ensuring minimal disruption and downtime for the client.

Process Driven Company

We are a process driven organization, and ISO 9001 Certified to ensure optimal efficiencies both internally and on client project deliveries.